Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) – Centenary Weekend Flypasts

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MH100 is delighted and excited to announce that we’ve been approved for flypasts by the RAF Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight on both days of our Centenary Weekend event – on Saturday 8 July and Sunday 9 July. As always the flypasts are subject to weather conditions, the airworthiness of the aircraft and RAF operational requests.

Provisionally Saturday’s flypast will be by a Spitfire and Sunday’s flypast by both a Spitfire and Hurricane. We’re waiting to hear the times.

This is excellent news and a real endorsement of the profile of MH100 Centenary Weekend. It’s yet another attraction to add to a growing list. In a way it’s very fitting, since RAF Martlesham Heath was home to the Battle Of Britain Flight, as it was then known, from 1958 – 1961.

PS: We do need to spread the word that under no circumstances will any other flying be allowed over Martlesham Heath for the two days. This includes balloons, kites, drones, floating masts and any other planes, including helicopters. There is a real danger the RAF will cancel the flypasts if this is anticipated or happens.

Hurricane Photo – Copyright Brian Marshall (CC2.0 License).
BBMF Badge – Crown Copyright