The Story

Once upon a time it was just this …


Then in 1917 …

On 17 January 1917 the Royal Flying Corps ( the predecessors of the Royal Air Force) founded a base on the Heath to develop and test fighter aircraft, during World War 1.

This work continued, with many fascinating chapters, particularly in World War 2, through to the last RAF aircraft departing in 1963. The legacy of this part of the story is held in the Martlesham Heath Control Tower Museum.

The arrival of the Post Office Research Centre from Dollis Hill in London in 1968 continued the history of development and testing, this time in telecommunications. The PORC evolved into BT Adastral Park. It’s still the home of BT technology and development, but now also to many innovative technology companies under the Innovation Martlesham banner.

Around 150 other businesses, large and small, local and national, have set up on the thriving Martlesham Heath business park and retail areas.

MH100 will also tell the story of the unique Martlesham Heath village, from early plans to today’s vibrant community.

Martlesham Heath is probably the one of the most distinctive places in East Anglia.