Exciting plans have been taking place over the last two years
to celebrate 100 years of Martlesham Heath …

with a major Centenary Event over the weekend of 8/9 July 2017.

MH100 has been set up by local residents and organisations to celebrate the 100 years since Martlesham Heath became more than just a heath; 100 years from its first use as a Royal Flying Corps airfield from 17 January 1917. We are staging a major event in July 2017 to celebrate the centenary and are bringing together a lasting multimedia historic resource for the community.

Martlesham Heath has very strong associations with research and development, initially for aviation and more recently for telecommunications and IT. There’s a less well-known association with the early development of radar, more normally associated with Bawdsey Manor.

At the outbreak of World War 2 Martlesham Heath became an operational RAF airbase, soon home to one of the first Eagle Squadrons and later to the USAAF 356th Fighter Group.

In the 1970s the new Martlesham Heath ‘model village’ was developed along the lines of an archetypal English village, with hamlets and village greens giving residents space and free areas which only a former airfield could ever achieve; and is so sought after in today’s crowded environment. The other side of the main road has become home to an extensive industrial and retail estate, plus of course BT Adastral Park.

We hope the next 100 years will be as diverse as the last 100 years and we trust your experience with our place in history will inspire and interest you.

Peter Davies
Chairman MH100 Committee

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